Disgraceland - The Rolling Stones: Swinging London, A Prison Break, East End Gangsters & The Anti-Beatles

Publish Date
Wednesday, 2 September 2020, 10:10AM

London was swinging. Keith Richards was in jail. The Kray Twins were menacing about. Brian Jones was on too much LSD. Aristocrats were tripping over themselves to hang out with the Rolling Stones. England was smitten. The London Establishment was freaking out and the Stones’ manager wanted to know one thing: Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?

Part 2 - Swinging London, Keith And Stolen Jewels, Princess Margaret Way Too High, Busted at Redlands & More
The Establishment strikes back in this second installment of the Rolling Stones time in Swinging London. UK pop star Donovan is busted, a precursor to the Stones Redlands bust. Mick Jagger is in jail looking at hard time. The tabloids and the coppers are in league to bring down the disruptive Rolling Stones while the myth of Keith Richards is born.

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