Dave Keuning says he's already stockpiling ideas for The Killers' 8th album

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Sunday, 30 May 2021, 9:05AM
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The Killers haven't even released their seventh album yet, and Dave Keuning's already "stockpiling ideas" for its followup.

During a recent interview with SPIN, the guitarist discussed his contribution to their upcoming collection of songs. "We had some time [together], and we used a couple of my chord changes that turned into songs. I was happy about that and happy to have some good songs on the record," he explained. "There were some songs already ready to go for this seventh album, which will come out at some point this year. For the next one, the eighth one, pretty much all the Killers will be vaccinated, and it will be a much easier situation, I think. I’m kinda stockpiling ideas for that one already."

Keuning left The Killers before they recorded last year's Imploding the Mirage to focus on his solo project, and though he ultimately reunited with his bandmates, that doesn't mean he stopped writing his own music. In fact, his sophomore solo album, A Mild Case of Everything, is coming out next month.

“Being in a band can be awkward. I can’t make other people like my stuff," he admitted about balancing the two projects. "I’m way past the point of fighting about it. If they don’t like something, I’ll just try something else and save it for a rainy day. Obviously [my solo work] isn’t anywhere close to as big as the Killers, but it gives me the satisfaction of finishing an idea I really like.”

The Killers have yet to officially announce their upcoming album, but it's slated to come out sometime this year.

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