Dave Grohl says Kurt Cobain was not allowed to drive Nirvana's touring van

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Tuesday, 4 May 2021, 6:57AM

Dave Grohl's new documentary, 'What Drives Us', about touring musicians arrived over the weekend.

Looking back at his early days of touring with Nirvana, Grohl recalled that for all of Kurt Cobain's talent and imagination, the frontman was expressly prohibited from driving the van.

"You kind of know in every band who is responsible enough to take the wheel and who is not," Grohl told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's an unspoken pecking order that you realize like, 'No f---ing way is that guy getting behind the wheel. And if he does, I'm not sleeping a f---ing wink tonight. There's no f---ing way."

Grohl himself always enjoyed driving. He says to this day, he has no problem sitting behind the wheel for 18 hours straight; he says he finds it "almost meditative."

Nirvana's touring party in the early-'90s, before Nevermind became a huge hit, usually included about six people. Of that group, Cobain was the only one who never sat in the driver's seat.

"I think maybe he was one person we didn't allow to drive the van," Grohl said. "I don't remember him driving ever. No, it was me and Novoselic and the sound guy. No, I don't think Kurt got behind the wheel. That's a good question. That's funny."

'What Drives Us' features Grohl and many other famous rockers reminiscing about their DIY days, when the only way to promote their music was to get in a van and criss-cross the country to performing live for people.

The film is available now via Amazon Prime Video.

This article was first published on iheart.com and is republished here with permission