Dave Grohl reveals what person he likes to jam with the most

Publish Date
Thursday, 4 March 2021, 8:26AM

Last month, Foo Fighters celebrated the release of their 10th studio album Medicine at Midnight with an exclusive iHeartRadio Release Party, and during the festivities Dave Grohl answered questions from fans via Zoom. He was asked about his songwriting process and what song has lifted him up through these tough times. He was also asked who he'd share the stage with if he had the choice of anyone, and he couldn't really give an answer.

Though Grohl's jammed with rock royalty like Prince, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, and members of Led Zeppelin, he admitted they all came about "rather naturally," and he's not interested in a "blind date" type of scenario; however, he did reveal the person he likes jamming with the most: his 15-year-old daughter Violet.

“You know who I love to jam with the most? My daughter Violet," Grohl said. "I’m totally down with the guys from Zep or the dude from The Beatles or blah blah blah, but when I get to jam with my daughter. That’s pretty cool.”

In fact, during a Q&A with iHeartRadio's Booker, Grohl divulged that Violet sings backup vocals throughout the new album, and before the record's release he said that drumming for his daughter is one of his "life goals."

Watch Grohl answer this question and more above.

This article was first published on iheart.com and is republished here with permission