Dave Grohl recalls the time Paul McCartney played "Lady Madonna" at his house

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Wednesday, 26 May 2021, 11:15AM
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When Jimmy Fallon revealed that Dave Grohl would be co-hosting The Tonight Show with him on Monday night (May 24), we knew there were bound to be some good stories. And the Foo Fighters frontman did not disappoint. When he wasn't interviewing guests or playing games with Fallon, Grohl sat down in the interviewee seat and let the talk show host ask him some questions. The conversation began with his new What Drives Us documentary, which led to Ringo Starr telling him about The Beatles farting in their tour bus, which led to his friendship with Paul McCartney, which led to an unbelievable story about the first time Macca every visited Grohl's home. He and his wife Nancy were in Los Angeles soon after Grohl's third daughter Ophelia was born, and they wanted to come over and meet her.

“The first thing I did was hide all the Beatles stuff,” Grohl said with a laugh. “You never know how much Beatles stuff you have until a Beatle comes over… And there was a piano in our living room, and as [McCartney] was leaving, it was like he couldn’t resist, and he just sat down and started playing ‘Lady Madonna’ on the piano in my living room. And then my daughter, Harper, who was like four years old at the time, she runs into the kitchen, she gets a coffee cup, fills it full of spare change and puts it on the piano like a tip jar.”


Then just when you thought that story couldn't be topped, Grohl casually brought up the time he found his mom drinking beers with Green Day after a show.

Mind. Blown.

Aside from the great anecdotes, Grohl also told some funny one-liners and participated in a number of hilarious games and skits with Fallon. Check it all out below.

This article was first published on iheart.com and is republished here with permission

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