Dave Grohl never wonders what Kurt Cobain would've thought of Foo Fighters

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Wednesday, 10 February 2021, 8:25AM
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Foo Fighters just released their 10th studio album, Medicine at Midnight, and during a cover story with NME Dave Grohl reflected on his relationship with Kurt Cobain, divulging that he never wonders what his Nirvana bandmate would've thought of the Foos because he's already been judged for two-and-a-half decades.

“No, I don’t – and I’ll tell you why,” he said when the question arose. “For 25 f***ing years, that’s been something I’ve been judged by and from the get-go, you have to realize that it’s a dangerous place to be. You can’t create or judge anything by someone else’s standards.”

Grohl also opened up about the "fear" he felt when first recording Foo Fighters music. “It’s funny because I kept this little project a secret for so long before it became a band,” he explained. “And one of the reasons was for fear that people would judge it. That’s all of the weird little demo tapes I’d done, I just didn’t feel comfortable sharing because they were mine. There was some safety and security in just keeping them to myself, so one of the reasons I started this band was to move on from the past. The band truly represents this continuation of life because I didn’t want to remain in that place forever and I just couldn’t. I would have suffocated.”

During another recent interview, Grohl revealed that Nirvana wasn't as personally close as the Foos are. "We were friends, But you know, there was a dysfunction in Nirvana that a band like Foo Fighters doesn't have," he said. "You also have to realize, from the time I joined Nirvana to the time it was over was only about four years. It wasn't a long period of time. Was I close to Kurt, as I am to [Foo Fighters drummer] Taylor Hawkins? No."

"If the music hadn't worked, we wouldn't have been there together," he added.

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