Dave Grohl met his childhood music idol at his kid’s school

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Tuesday, 6 April 2021, 8:29AM
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Even though Dave Grohl is a rock icon himself, the Foo Fighters member still got nervous when he unexpectedly met one of his own idols. During an appearance on the BBC’s Reel Stories, Grohl recalled the time he met Kiss singer, Paul Stanley, at this daughter's elementary school.

“I’m taking my daughter to school, and who’s there in assembly? Paul Stanley,” Grohl shared. “As much as I tried to seem unfazed and like another dad in assembly as the kids are singing kumbaya, I was standing next to the man whose face was a poster on my wall growing up."

Stanley's influence on Grohl's musical career is immense. So much so that Grohl said “if it weren’t for [Stanley], I don’t know if I’d be playing guitar right now.”

Grohl's adoration for Kiss is well documented. Back in 2015, Grohl presented Stanley and Gene Simmons with the ASCAP Founders Award during the ASCAP Pop Music Awards ceremony. Grohl told the crowd that night that he's a proud “member of the infamous Kiss army." He then went on to say that “every morning, I would wake up in my tiny bedroom and take a good look at my superheroes before walking to school. They got me through those years and ultimately inspired me to follow this unreasonable dream of becoming a professional rock 'n' roll musician."

Now that their kids are attending the same school, Grohl gets to spend more time with Stanley than he probably ever thought was possible. “These days I still spend every morning before school with Paul Stanley… in the parking lot of our kids’ f****n’ elementary school, chatting about Zeppelin and Electric Lady and touring and school fundraisers. So I'd say that my unreasonable dream definitely came true.”

This article was first published on iheart.com and is republished here with permission

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