Blink-182 Postpone First Leg of Reunion Tour Due to Travis Barker Injury

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Thursday, 2 March 2023, 2:36PM

On Wednesday (March 1), blink-182 revealed they would delay the start of their reunion tour with guitarist-vocalist Tom DeLonge due to an injury that was recently sustained by blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. DeLonge himself delivered the message in a video.

Barker injured his finger last month, first hurting it while rehearsing for the upcoming concerts with blink-182. "Smashed my finger so hard I dislocated it and tore the ligaments," he said in February. Barker is undergoing surgery on the finger this week.

"Travis needs to go in and have surgery on his finger, and we have to get that well, and we have to get that strong before we can do anything else," DeLonge says in the clip, as Kerrang! relayed.

He calls Barker's accident as "a freak accident that no one saw coming."

The returning blink-182-er promises, "We are coming. I know it seems like you’ve waited so long, which you have. We've waited too. This is just devastating on so many levels. But we're gonna get Travis better, we're gonna come down — the three of us, together — and we're gonna rock. We're gonna have an incredible time."

He adds, "But I really want you to know — from my heart to yours — how important you guys are to us. This is not something that we could have even have saw coming. This is just devastating. But we love you, blink-182 loves you. We will see you soon."

Barker dislocated the ring finger on his left hand during a Feb. 7 rehearsal with blink, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. He re-injured the same finger at a subsequent blink-182 rehearsal.

The blink tour is set to cover the globe through 2024. It was due to start in Mexico on March 11 before playing multiple dates in South America and Mexico. Those shows (March 11–April 2) have all now been canceled, with DeLonge’s promise that the band will return. See the currently scheduled dates under the video.

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