Angels & Airwaves hope to put out new music this spring

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Friday, 8 January 2021, 2:28PM
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It's been over a year since Angels & Airwaves made their return with "Rebel Girl" and announced they were working on an album, and though Tom DeLonge has hyped it to no end and given us numerous updates, he still hasn't shared details. On Tuesday (January 5), the band shared another update on Instagram, and though they still haven't given us a release date, they did let us know when we can expect new music — and shows "as soon as it's safe."

"Hello friends, Happy New Year! 2020 was a year none of us are soon to forget and we know that so much hurt, despair and uncertainty still overwhelm the earth. It’s hard to look forward, but at times like these, that is what continues to bring the light at the end of the tunnel closer," they wrote. "In that spirit, we are continuing to look forward and wanted to give you a little update on all things Angels & Airwaves. We are (safely and distantly) back at work putting the finishing touches on our 6th studio album, which we feel is our best yet. If all goes as planned, songs will be ready to roll out this Spring. We also have shows planned, so as soon as it’s safe, we will be out playing them! With so much to keep looking forward to, please wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe and know this too shall pass."

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