Unfinished Business - Review

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Monday, 18 May 2015, 4:07PM

After a swarm of Oscar flooded performances, Hollywood has died down and returned back to it’s usual self with a swamp of easy-care films to soothe and numb the brain after its previous onslaught. A much needed breathe into the zone-out genre is Vince Vaughns latest ‘Unfinished Business’.

‘Unfinished Business’ is exactly what you would expect from a VV film: Funny, predictable and soul pleasing. We go to these movies to be entertained by the expected and fulfilled by any brief chance of being caught by surprise. However, let me assure you that this film is everything you want in a viewing of certainty.

The Vaughn - Franco combination is jumbo packed full of chemistry that is fluid through the river of comedy, with a handy performance from Tim Wilkinson. So far this film has laid stagnant within the box office, shadowed from releases by ‘Insurgent’ or Detergent or whatever its called and the much anticipated ‘Cinderella’.

Although there are plenty of films worth checking out in the weeks to come, I recommend checking this out before it fades into the darkness, overpowered by it’s teeny bopper overlords. Break the barrier for comedy and let Vince know that you still love him. Well worth a mindless 1h40min Break ,one night this week.

I give it 6/10… But a 7 on laugh factor.

Reviewed by Mase Shaw - Follow Mase on Twitter @MaseShaw

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