Thrones Director Not Sorry About That Dog Scene

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016, 5:30PM


If Ramsay Bolton's latest murder made you uncomfortable, the creators of 'Game of Thrones' hear you, but they're not sorry.

This week's episode of Thrones was full of high-profile deaths, but one was more horrible than the rest; the death of Walda Fray and her baby.

In the new season's latest episode, Ramsay reached a whole new level of horror when he murdered his step-mother and newborn brother by setting his dogs on them, with some dubbing it the worst death in Thrones history.

In an interview with 'The Hollywood Reporter', director of season six's first two episodes, Jeremy Podeswa, said they pulled back as much as they could, but in the end this is 'Game of Thrones' and that is what you get.

"There was definitely a discussion of what to show and what not to show. We all were very much in agreement that we didn't want to see anything too horrific. The suggestion was already bad enough," Podeswa told 'Hollywood Reporter'.

"You read these things - and there are many things when you're reading the show, where you just go, 'Wow. That's really hard-core'. But it's the world. We haven't filmed anything that doesn't feel consistent with the world that's been created."

He says "horrific things should be presented as horrific", or they risk presenting it in a way which is exploitative, or downplays what happened.

"Dramatically speaking, the show quite consistently shows people suffering in a way that ... doesn't diminish what violence actually is. [It] shows that there are consequences, feelings and human beings who are undergoing things."

And as for what the deal is with Jon Snow, Podeswa is keeping tight-lipped, saying people always asked for spoilers between the seasons but "in their heart of hearts they didn't actually want to know".

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