Get your first glimpse at new Kiwi black comedy 'Fresh Eggs'

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 5:23PM

The first trailer has dropped for a new black comedy coming to New Zealand screens and it looks...kind of nuts, but in the best way.

Fresh Eggs stars a host of famous Kiwis including Claire Chitham (aka Waverley from Shortland Street), Cohen Holloway, Danielle Cormack, Dave Fane and more.

In the trailer, they joke about everything from city-slicker Aucklanders to straight-up racism. But more notable is the sex, drugs and bloody violence - completely juxtaposed with some classic Kiwi humour and awkwardness.

The series sees Chitham as Penny, an Aucklander who craves a peaceful life in the country with her husband Wade (Holloway), but they get swept up in all kinds of small-town, high-stakes drama that - judging by the trailer - does not end up well.

Danielle Cormack stars as Lulu, a modern mother and career criminal married to Pig, played by Dave Fane. And Lord of the Rings' John Rhys Davies plays Penny's boss Cutter, a narcissistic crime author who finds himself at the centre of a real murder mystery.

Fresh Eggs is co-created and co-written by Nick Ward (Stickmen, Second-Hand Wedding) and Kim Harrop (Shortland Street, The Coffin Club).

It will be coming to TVNZ 2 in February.

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