Tablefox - Keep them Guessing

Publish Date
Thursday, 17 February 2022, 12:05PM
Originally published on Tablefox Bandcamp.
When we talk about our lives these days there's a line drawn between Pre-Covid and Post-Covid and the battles we've all faced in the time in between. That, in a way, is the story of the new Tablefox album 'BATTLES'. Writing and recording started way back before Covid and the 10 tracks that made it have been a labour of love for the band. Five singles have been released and collectively they've spent over half of 2020 in the top 20 of the NZ Rock chart, this release promises to be a very special 3rd album. Kicking in from the outset with the intense lead single ‘BURNING BRIDGES’ the band hit with a heavy, no nonsense track straight out of the gate. Summer Indie anthem ‘Time’ is next up and moves the album on with a heap of hooks and moods covering the full range of singer Clinton Bell’s life experiences. The epic title track ‘Battles’ deals with growing up identifying with 2 different cultures; then the moving ‘Light in the Darkness’ where Bell touches on other battles with depression.

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