Pluto - After Winter

Publish Date
Saturday, 11 December 2021, 6:00AM

After Winter is a refreshing burst of 60s psychedelia melded with Britpop vocal styles reworked by Pluto's expert songcraft. It's retro but present, and has you hooked midway through your first listen. Think Kinks and Small Faces, Big Star and Pulp, guided by the hallmark vocals of Pluto's frontperson, Milan Borich. Add to this Tim Arnold's catchy guitar chords, Matthias Jordan's punchy keyboard, Mike Hall's fuzzy bass and Michael Franklin-Browne's springy drumming and you have what is unmistakably a Pluto song. And it's a banger.After Winter began life as a simple two-finger guitar exercise that Milan taught to his daughter, which incessantly replayed itself like a mantra in Milan's head. Soon afterwards, Pluto got together for a group writing session. Milan played the chord progression to Tim, which quickly became a verse, added to by a pre-chorus and chorus, followed by lyrics. 45 minutes later the song was semi complete. Call it unintentional genius, the result of a Zen-like experience, or, like Debbie Gibson, a serendipitous visit by the Song Fairies; the song garnered the band's collective thumbs up.Produced by Nick Abbott and Recorded at NorthWestern Studios, After Winter is a tune that sounds like summer, the season that marks an unencumbered time of year. Milan says, “The song is about switching off all the noise. Unasking the question as a kind of meditation.”As the weather warms and we shake the lockdown cobwebs aside for brighter days, After Winter is a musical flying fox to happier times, an upbeat romp to shed the shackles of inclement seasons and embrace the road ahead.After Winter will be released through Pluto's record label 5 Moon Entertainment, and is available on all good streaming services from 6 December 2021.

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