Mild Orange - The Time of Our Lives

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Wednesday, 12 January 2022, 12:49PM

New Zealand’s worldly indie dream-pop band Mild Orange reveal a rippling new track ‘The Time Of Our Lives’ via AWAL. It’s accompanied by a beautiful music video that takes the viewer on a ride through Tokyo via song.

Opening on a Radiohead drum machine glitch and expanding to a dizzying cloud of neon and fog, ‘The Time Of Our Lives’ is inspired by frontman/producer Josh Mehrtens memories of skateboarding throughout Japan.

“'The Time Of Our Lives' was born out of wanderlust and nostalgia for a time I had skateboarding through Japan on my own, making friends and learning little life lessons along the way. I was Looking For Space, and writing this song took me back to a time in my life when I truly felt the world was my oyster. The recording see's us naturally revisit and modernise an 80's pop band aesthetic. I felt like screaming towards the end, just 'cause it felt good and I can't wait to shout at the top of my lungs when we eventually play this live.” Mehrtens shares.

When it came time to put together a video for the track, Mehrtens wanted to interweave the bands new kinetic sound with a renewed physical expression and immediately connected with a video of pro skater Kento Yoshioka. “My favourite skateboarder is Kento Yoshioka. He always looks like he's having fun and skates like he's dancing in the street. Super unique style. So, like the lyrics in the chorus, I asked the videographer / director Tomoyuki Kujirai on Instagram: "whatcha say, you and I go for a ride, and have the time of our lives?", all in hopes of making an A to B skate video in Japan for the song.” Mehrtens shares.

“Tomoyuki was really keen to work on this, along with his film team at NION Films, and he asked Kento to star in the video. Tomoyuki took it to another level. It was his idea to base the film around photographs and memories, which is why you see the other small instances of beauty that occur within these moments with the frozen extras cast. When you skate through the city, time stands still and you enter a peaceful flow, you see the streets from a unique perspective. This film captures that feeling.” he adds.

Mild Orange will finally be jetting across the globe for long awaited tour dates in the UK and Europe, USA and Canada. For details and tickets to their The Looking For Space tour head HERE.

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