Midwave Breaks - In Colour

Publish Date
Monday, 20 September 2021, 2:39PM

Fresh from the release of their debut EP ‘Lemonade Hand Grenade’, and with the single still blowing up at Rock Radio across the country, Midwave Breaks are about to drop another bomb- track, as they take on a special NZ Music Month cover of the iconic Shapeshifter anthem. The former Supergroove drummer and West-End ‘Stomp’ performer Paul Russell, and his brother in arms from Eight, singer-songwriter and guitarist Bruce Conlon, have been keen to leave their mark on this year’s NZ Music Month celebrations, and recognised the potential of adding their own splash of colour to the kiwi classic. The cover version is an acknowledgement of a great song from a much-loved band, and pays respect to the energy and intent of the original, with a passionate and powerful vocal track from Conlon, and the signature solid drum grooves of Russell, mixed together in a ‘purposefully retrospective’ style that is the calling card of Midwave Breaks.

For more about Midwave Breaks check out their INSTAGRAM.

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