Luke Buda - Who Would Want To Be Lonely

Publish Date
Tuesday, 2 November 2021, 8:55AM
Now that the album is released Buda notes "I worked on it for about two years, and it has been finished for about two years, so it is with a great big sigh of relief that I finally pushed this baby out.""There’s a lot of different sounds and vibes and also many of the assorted human feels inside the record. It’s fun to listen to it on headphones!"Many of the different sounds Buda describes were created with help from a large range of collaborators, including guests like Don McGlashan; Joe Lindsay and Toby Laing from Fat Freddys Drop; Riki Gooch; Dayle Jellyman; Jacqui Nyman; and all the members of The Phoenix Foundation. Special mention needs to be made of Anita Clark's (Motte) contribution, as she sang on every single track.New Zealand novelist Damien Wilkins also contributed lyrics to three songs, and reflects that "Luke Buda is a little bit Elton, and now I’m a little bit Bernie Taupin. The lyrics for the songs I was involved with are about the climate emergency, an adult child leaving home for the first time to begin her life, and sex as a moment of reprieve from worrying about all kinds of awful futures, including the climate emergency. They are anxious words, sometimes made more anxious by Luke’s music (‘Here Comes the Wind’), sometimes made winsomely grand (‘She’s Arriving Soon’), and sometimes made dreamy (‘Don’t Think in Bed’)." 
When asked for final thoughts Buda adds "I just hope people listen to it and dig it."

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