Dead Favours - Sink Or Swim

Publish Date
Saturday, 1 October 2022, 6:00AM

Dead Favours new single Sink Or Swim (SOS) addresses the struggles many have faced after such a difficult global pandemic and how dealing with the life changing period has at times felt Sink or Swim. The track references how we make it easier on ourselves if we swim together.

The band featuring Steriogram’s Jared Wrennall (frontman), Skinny Hobos Alex Elvis (bass), Charlie Smith (drummer) and Kyle Wetton (guitarist) have been back in the studio recording ‘Side B’,of Riffing & Yelling which will be released March 2023.

Frontman Jared Wrennall states, “It’s felt so good to get back into the studio and hear these songs come to life after another year of lockdowns and delays! I feel Sink or Swim really shows our growth as song writers, It’s something new and different, whilst still having a familiar Dead Favours sound. Space was something we really wanted to pay attention to on this track, it’s groovy, hooky and a little bit fancy while still delivering power and passion that we love giving to our audience”

Since winning the 2021 Rock Artist Of The Year, Dead Favours have been busy recording and gigging as much as possible. The boys are fizzing to get back on the road this October and November sharing the stage with Villainy, Head Like A Hole, Beastwars and more! They will play songs from ‘Side A’ of their album, Riffing & Yelling and new songs from the forthcoming ‘Side B’.

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