Pa Bear Hansen take a shot at Trump

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Friday, 11 October 2019, 8:50AM
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Steve Hansen is known for his wry sense of humour.

So it was no surprise when the All Blacks head coach took an apparent cheeky swipe at US President Donald Trump during a press conference in Japan.

Speaking to media yesterday, Hansen backed World Rugby's decision to cancel the All Blacks final pool game against Italy due to Super Typhoon Hagibis.

"Is it frustrating? Of course it is. But the reality is that we can't control the weather," he said.

"The inconvenient fact then is it comes down to 'what do we do here?'. Do we charge on and put people's lives at risk? Or do we lead and make a decision that's around making sure people are safe? As I said, It's a no-brainer."

Suddenly smiling to himself, Hansen paused and said: "I won't say what I was about to say, but a man from America could have even made this decision."

Last month, Trump was criticised for displaying a modified National Hurricane Centre "Cone of Uncertainty" forecast, indicating Alabama would be in the path.

The graphic appeared to have been altered with a marker to indicate a risk that the storm would move into Alabama from Florida.

It is not clear whether Trump was responsible for altering the forecast chart, but when asked whether the chart had been drawn on, Trump said: "I don't know, I don't know."

Meanwhile, Typhoon Hagibis has forced World Cup organisers to cancel England's pool game against France and they may yet have to do likewise for Japan's final group game with Scotland which will determine who the All Blacks face in their quarter-final.

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